Thursday, March 22, 2012

2012 So Far...

So we've been so busy preparing for the temple in July to be sealed. Austins grandparents are flying home off  their mission to be with us in the temple! We can't wait we are so excited! I started working at sportsmans and i baby sit every once in a while.... We said good bye to some of our really good friends/ family they moved to Florida.. we miss them dearly! Austin is enjoying fishing and i'm just trying to keep up on house work and my job very stressful to keep everyone happy!! i'm going to my moms in may and i'm so excited i can't wait to be able to stay in delta for a little while!! i get to watch Adi (Koltons baby) while they go play but i never get to see her so i'm excited!! :) just though i would up date a little!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

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