Thursday, March 22, 2012

2012 So Far...

So we've been so busy preparing for the temple in July to be sealed. Austins grandparents are flying home off  their mission to be with us in the temple! We can't wait we are so excited! I started working at sportsmans and i baby sit every once in a while.... We said good bye to some of our really good friends/ family they moved to Florida.. we miss them dearly! Austin is enjoying fishing and i'm just trying to keep up on house work and my job very stressful to keep everyone happy!! i'm going to my moms in may and i'm so excited i can't wait to be able to stay in delta for a little while!! i get to watch Adi (Koltons baby) while they go play but i never get to see her so i'm excited!! :) just though i would up date a little!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Flash Back of 2011!!

So i don't know about everyone out there but for me 2011 has been very eventful! I hope that 2012 is for us too!! i want to make this a great year and for more to come!! i know that there are a lot of people that think its going to end!! but anyways! in January i was living in St. George with Darcee and C.j.! thanks to them i had somewhere to live till i got married!! thanks again! in March i meet my awesome husband! if no one has heard the story here it is! Well to start it off it was like 8 at night and i got a text from my cousin that says "I have a guy for you to go on a date." so i said okay i had been on a thousand blind dates so whats one more!! well we texted and decided to go on a date the next day! so we meet at the park and everything started off from there! i even told my sister and brother-in-law after a week of dating him that i knew i was going to marry him!! and i was right! i got a job at Golden Corral right after we met! so April we got engaged and i called my mom on April 1st to tell her we had decided to get married and was waiting on getting a ring! she called me the next day to make sure i was serious! i can't remember when we told his mom and dad. i think it was that weekend cause we were engaged on the 5 of April! so from there on out we started to plan a wedding!! so much fun not really!! that is the more stressful part! anyways we got an apartment in June and then July 15th  was the best day of my life so far!! and we have just been living everyday life! i finished Dental Assisting School on December 22nd and i am just looking for a job now! we are trying to find Austin a new job and just have him work at sportsmans part time!! here are some picture recaps!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What a weekend! :)

For Labor Day my dad came down so we tried so spend lots of time with him! it was actually our family reunion! love when my dad comes to town! :) but anyways friday him and jarom got here late and then saturday we woke up and had breakfast at my sisters which was suppose to be at 8 but didn't get done till closer to 9! Austin had to work so he went to work at 9:15:( but good thing was he was off earlier! so our day went on! we went out to peach days which was a request from my dad-io! Lol then we had planned on going to zions and hiking and then eating lunch well you had to take up bus up there and we didn't want to be late getting back to start dinner and go SHOOTING!!! that was all my idea and i was so excited i think manily cause i hadn't been in who knows how long!! but so that night we went and had a bon fire and ate hot dogs! we got to only shoot for 45 minutes cause it was almost dark:( but latter that night we had a some fun pioneer games to play one was to balance on a board but make the other person fall off! and then we had a PIE EATING CONTEST!! it was so much fun! we did two rounds and then had two finalist!! lol! and we had a tie! it was tied between Austin and Kurtis! we all had so much fun! :) Here are some pictures of our eventful weekend! :)